FREE Virtual Led Training: "Fixed to Growth Mindsets"

Observation: Most adults live their life with Fixed Mindsets that lead to lost opportunity both personally and professionally without even realizing it. If performance and productivity are related to Growth Mindsets, then creating and tracking Positive Behavior Habits and Daily Winning Streaks should boost your personal potential and help you see opportunities that others miss. Download your free journal today to put this hypothesis to the test.

Module 1: Start with WHY

My WHY: To inspire Growth Mindsets so that people can feel empowered to succeed in life.

Module 2: Your Vision Statement

My VISION:  I believe that one day, every parent will have the ability to talk about food, exercise, growth mindsets and mental health with their kids in an informed and intelligent way, not because they have to but because they want to.  Those conversations are going to require courage, vulnerability and a willingness to continuously learn. 

Module 3: SMART Goals






Module 4: Daily Limiters

It's time to take an honest look at what is standing in your way.

Module 5: Time Blocking Anchor Activities

Anchors are NON-NEGOTIABLE tasks that you MUST do every day in order to reach your goals.

Module 6: Defining Daily Happiness

Success does not define happiness. Happiness is defined by the JOY you feel while striving for your full potential every day.

Module 7: Winning Streaks

Winning Streaks keep you engaged, accountable and motivated to compete with yourself. Never compare your streak to someone else's, it's none of their business.

Module 8: Daily Mantra

Today I Win. 

I will finish what I started. 

I will reach my goal.

Module 9: Daily Gratitude

Gratitude is about training your brain to see the positive in the world.

Module 10: Journaling 1 Positive Experience

Journaling is about re-living and re-experiencing positive experiences and building positive momentum.

Module 11: Eliminating 1 Bad Habit

Remember those limiters? Pick one thing to eliminate and add that to your daily to do list.

Module 12: Daily Exercise

Exercise teaches your brain that your behavior matters.

Module 13: Daily Meditation

Meditation is about learning how to clear your mind and be mindful in the moment.

Module 14: Random Acts of Kindness

The greatest predictor of long term happiness in life is based on the strength of your social network of real live friends. Random acts of kindness help you strengthen those relationships.

Module 15: Daily To Do List

To Do Lists are all about creating a positive flow of Dopamine to your brain throughout the day so that you can continue to move closer to your goals.

Module 16: Block Time Management

Block Time Management is the secret to productivity of highly successful people. It's about perceiving choices throughout the day and channeling Dopamine in a positive way.

Module 17: Left & Right Brain Activities

Learn how to choose between Left and right brain activities that bring variety and productivity into your day.

Module 18: Sleep Cycles

Learn how 90 minute sleep cycles affect the quality of your sleep.

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