Self-Motivated Learning in the Digital Age

Recorded live from the I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning Conference) October 17th, 2018, Toronto, Canada.   This presentation is about connecting the dots between highly self-motivated people and how companies can use the key takeaways to develope corporate lifelong learning strategies.

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The Secrets of Self-Motivation

You can have the best training, the best trainers and the best facilities in the world, but unless your employees have a Growth Mindset to become Lifelong Learners, learning will always be competing with other distractions.  This keynote  helps employees at every level see how their personal vision fits into your corporate vision. Let me show you how to use a compelling narrative to let your employees see themselves as the hero of their own story.  

Key Takeaways:


  1. Aligning your personal and corporate vision
  2. Creating a narrative that inspires action
  3. Empowerment - The secret of Self-Motivation

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