Podcast of Self-Motivated Learning Keynote

Self-Motivated Learning in the Digital Age

Recorded live from the I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning Conference) October 17th, 2018, Toronto, Canada.   This presentation is about connecting the dots between highly self-motivated people and how companies can use the key takeaways to develop corporate lifelong learning strategies.

Creating Action from my Tribe of Mentors

Start With WHY


Look back to discover your WHY and look forward to find your VISION 

The Happiness Advantage


HAPPINESS is the JOY you feel striving for your potential every day

The Ripple Effect


Sleep, Eat, Move, Think Better

Atomic Habits


Your daily habits form your identity

Client Testimonials

Turning Lessons Learned Into Daily Actions

2018 Speaker Demo

Critical Mistake Analysis Explained

2017 Speaker Demo

Growth Mindset Workshops & Keynotes

How to Build Growth Mindset Cultures

According to recent studies, over 87% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and only put forth the minimum requirement to collect their paycheck. That's a problem for everyone and while motivational speakers are great at inspiring people in the moment, very few people ever act upon change advice. What I believe I do better than anyone else is take world class advice from my Tribe of Mentors and make that advice practical and actionable for the average person. The results are happier and healthier employees  who learn how to connect their new Growth Mindsets with your Core Business Objectives.

Key Takeaways:


Learn how to create a WHY and VISION statement for your life.

Learn how to redefine HAPPINESS in your life.

Learn how to use Critical Mistake Analysis to become 1% better every day.

Learn how to create POSITIVE habits and break NEGATIVE habits.

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How Could a Growth Mindset Culture Help You?

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