Just Imagine...

a world where one day, every parent will have the ability to talk about food, exercise and mental health with their kids in an informed and intelligent way, not because they have to but because they want to. Those conversations are going to require courage, vulnerability and a willingness to continuously learn.  

My Growth Mindset Journey

Clarity of WHY: Everything we do is to help people GROW and LEAD so that they can enjoy their best possible quality of life.

Discipline of HOW: We teach people how to start with WHY, redefine HAPPINESS and strive to achieve their full POTENTIAL every day.

Consistency of WHAT: We just happen to be living HEALTHIER and HAPPIER lives than most people our age. Want to join us?

My Story


As a husband, father and sales professional for over 30 years, I used to be just like you, living a stress filled life no better or worse than anyone else working hard to get ahead. I focused all of my energy on my career and family leaving no time to invest in my own health.  I didn't know it at the time but my Fixed Mindset recipe for success was fundamentally flawed and backwards. 

A Sudden Health Crisis

Everything was going according to plan, until one day, on the way home from my son's hockey game, I had an unexpected heart scare! Fortunately, I had not suffered a heart attack but I had come very close.  The ER Doctor gave me 2 choices "Go on heart and cholesterol pills for the rest of my life or lose some weight and get in shape". Where do you even begin?

Until Finally I Realized

In my 30's I had turned to the usual suspects, the so called experts in the diet and fitness industry but nothing seemed to stick. Because of that, I decided to stop chasing pounds and started investing in my heart and mind every day.  A little common sense went a long way. Because I was developing a Growth Mindset, I was able to find a sustainable process for heart healthy living that evolved with me. After losing 50lbs and going from the ER to the Ironman 3 times, I realized that if I wanted to get the most out of life, I could never stop improving or learning. Turns out that what the Ironman really taught me was how to develop a Growth Mindset. My goal now is to be a positive influence to my friends and family.

My Daily Recipe

Always Be Learning

Move from a mindset of "know it all" to "learn it all".

Invest in Exercise

It's the worlds best medicine, but it's not an effective weight management tool, especially if you're not doing it.

Redefine Happiness

As the JOY you feel while striving for your full potential every day.

Making my Heart Sing

I love Ironman because of the variety and systematic approach to sustained year round training. I had to learn how to swim and ride a triathlon bike in my 40's and yes, I had to learn how to love running.  Running for me is like meditation now.  I participate in at least one of these 3 sports every day.

2010 Ironman Muskoka

My first 1/2 Ironman proved that anything was possible.

2011 Ironman Louisville

My first full Ironman taught me to believe in myself.

2013 Ironman Cozumel

My second full Ironman taught me to be better prepared in sport and life.

2017 Ironman Mont Tremblant

My third full Ironman taught me how to manage my expectations, whatever life hands me.